Five Questions: Jeff Staple

Photo by Underground_nyc
If you don’t know who Jeff Staple is by now, I hope you will do some research. Jeff’s pigeon theme, which is an ode to New York City, has adorned some of the most well regarded sneaker releases (Pigeon Dunks anyone?) and continues to be the common thread in his clothing and accessories line. As the Founder and Creative Director of Staple Design, Jeff applies his creative skills to corporate clients’ branding needs. His Staple Pigeon brand continues to produce well curated creations and collaborations. The Puma Suede he produced last year was near the top of my favorite pickupsΒ for 2016. I was lucky to connect with Jeff for these five questions and I’m thankful for his time and careful and well considered responses.

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Favorite Pickups for 2016

Now that our expert panel has had time to review and debate our favorite releases of 2016 on our YouTube channel, the final decisions have been made. There always seems to be a pair or two that get overlooked or that just missed the cut, but overall this list represents a solid selection of pairs from a variety of brands and different styles that aren’t only runners. Time to roll out the winners.
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YouTube: The Takeover


After watching so many YouTube sneaker videos, I decided to start my own channel.

I lied – I never watched any of the YouTube sneaker videos but I did start my own channel. New and fresh content coming soon, including a revolutionary new concept for 2017: the sneaker unboxing and review videos. NO ONE has ever done this before so I hope that I am a pioneer in this corner of the YouTube world. Stay tuned for new updates and be sure and subscribe to my channel. Happy New Year to all!

Latest Pickup: Feature x Saucony Courageous “Bacon and Eggs”

Just got these in and I have to say I’m very impressed. I had some concerns about how the shoe would look in person vs. how they looked in promo pics, but Feature did a great job with this release. Also had never worn the Courageous model before and after trying them on for a little while, no complaints here as I found the fit to be true to size and pretty comfortable. Continue reading

Interview: Mr. Sabotage

Introducing a new category to the site with interviews today and I’m going to try and focus on people deep in the culture in one way or another. I thought I’d kick it off as strong as possible so I sat down (via WhatsApp) with Mr. Sabotage aka SBTG. During my last trip to Singapore I was able to visit his studio and talk in person. So many things he said really stuck with me then so I wanted to capture them for a wider audience. Not only is he an extremely talented and successful artist and designer, but he’s also a very humble and kind person. Hoping everyone enjoys this as much as I enjoyed our exchange. Be sure and visit his online shop and pick up your own piece of art.
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