Latest Pickup: Solebox x Reebok Club C

2016 has been the “Year of the Court” for Reebok and they have had me wearing pairs I had never considered before. German shop Solebox put their touches on the model and released a very unique and eye-catching pair.

The shoe is covered in turquoise almost entirely, down to the midsole and outsole. Since this is a tennis model, Solebox took the theme and ran with it by modeling the shoe after the overlap of grips on tennis rackets. Actual overlapping panels are used to create the majority of the leather shoe rather than just a printed or textured pattern on a single piece.

While the color and pattern are probably the first characteristics to be noticed, it is the subtle details that completely sold me on this pair. The midsole has red stitching that is very unexpected but an incredible choice. With me being obsessed with details I was happy to see that. However after looking even more closely, I noticed that the edges of the side panels also have a lighter shade of baby blue that almost causes a glowing effect. I’d have to say I’ve never seen anything like that on sneakers and I love it. Incredible work by Solebox. Check out the pics below to see these details up close.

Please note that all of these pics are taken with an iPhone 6 and only have some minor editing for cropping and lighting. No #kithfilter over here. I was lucky enough to be sent this pair by Reebok but I would have purchased them on my own otherwise without question. Let me know what you think!



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