Latest Pickup: Feature x Saucony Courageous “Bacon and Eggs”

Just got these in and I have to say I’m very impressed. I had some concerns about how the shoe would look in person vs. how they looked in promo pics, but Feature did a great job with this release. Also had never worn the Courageous model before and after trying them on for a little while, no complaints here as I found the fit to be true to size and pretty comfortable.

I’ve said it elsewhere before but I always like to look at a colorway and take away the backstory and see if it still works. Much like the “Burgers” from end, this makeup presents a unique colorway that even without the theme could hold its own and stand out. My past concerns about quality control with Saucony are going away with each release, too. The past few pairs I’ve purchased have all been well done and have lacked any horrible glue stains, suede gashes or other QC issues many of us had gotten used to.

Overall I’d have to say Feature did an outstanding job capturing the concept of a bacon and egg breakfast while maintaining a clean and cohesive look. The bright colors contrasted with the muted tans and grey tones help create a retro feel that was conveyed well in the marketing materials leading up to release. For all the different materials and textures used on this design, there really are no noticeable issues from panel to panel or with consistency. Great job by the team in the Vegas-based shop and the folks at Saucony. For the price and what you get for that, these are a no-brainer for me.

Please note that all of these pics are taken with an iPhone 7 Plus and only have some minor editing for cropping and lighting. Let me know what you think about this release.



2 thoughts on “Latest Pickup: Feature x Saucony Courageous “Bacon and Eggs”

  1. These look amazing! I like the Courageous model. It feels quite bulky and retro. I bought the Sneaker Politics ‘Cannon’ last year. Waiting for a global release on these Feature ones. Your close up shots have made me impatient!

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  2. I had a few concerns with this shoe, mostly due to the fact my last few pickups from Saucony haven’t lived up to the quality I’ve expected from Saucony. I’m glad these did not follow that trend, this is an incredible shoe. Your review of this shoe cleared a lot of my skepticism, and the points you covered were extremely accurate. Incredible shoe!

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