Release Alert: Saucony Originals Grid SD ‘Summer Nights’ Limited Edition

170708_Grid SD - Summer Nights--4It has been a minute since my last post but I wanted to get this one online before the release. There are countless launches each and every weekend from practically every brand out there – retro, new technology, hybrids, collabs – you name it. Every now and then we may feel some connection to a new sneaker because it is from our local shop, or our friend works there or maybe they are simply a sentimental favorite. My excitement for this release comes from a personal connection.

I’ve gotten to know a lot of cool people through sneakers and social media. Well, as much as you can “know” someone through social media. One of those people is Eric Smolin. He and I have had better conversations about the state of sneakers – and the direction of Saucony Originals – via Instagram direct messages than I’ve had with most people in person. Eric works for Saucony Originals and it just so happens this is the first release he worked on from start to finish. Buy it here!

Sometimes I get the impression these shoe companies have armies of people working on designs, PR, and marketing. After talking to Eric, I found that is not that case with Saucony at all. A small group of people is working hard to promote a brand many of us appreciate. So much focus is put on the Nikes and Adidas of the world while at the same time, Brooks recently put their retro program on indefinite hold. It isn’t easy for the smaller companies and especially for their retro divisions trying to keep legacies alive.

I guess what I’m trying to say that I appreciate the effort put in by the “little guy”. Not only am I excited to see my friend have the opportunity to share his creation with the sneaker community, it seemed important to me to do my part to help get the word out. It doesn’t hurt that the shoe is really cool.

Saucony’s description of the shoe: “The Saucony Originals Grid SD “Summer Nights” features Wolverine Silkee Suede on the heel counter, leather accents on the mid foot, Pink 3M toebox and heel counter accent hit, Gold speckled icy outsole & TPU piece, laced with flat Navy waxed laces.”

170708_Grid SD - Summer Nights--2Taking inspiration from the hues of blue, purple, pink, orange & yellow, we’ve created a perfect representation of a Summer sundown. When creating this shoe we heavily relied on nostalgia playing a role in the consumer’s connection to the concept.”

I did not get a pair of these from Saucony so I’ll be trying with the rest of you. I was given a link to share so I’m posting it here. No one asked me to write this article – sometimes an appreciation for hard work and supporting your friend’s accomplishments is reason enough.

Get the shoes here, starting at 9am EST on Friday, July 14, 2017. Limited availability online, sizes US 5M – 12M, 13M & 14M for $120, exclusively from

2 thoughts on “Release Alert: Saucony Originals Grid SD ‘Summer Nights’ Limited Edition

    • Thank you sir. Unfortunately the quality was pretty bad once I got my pair in and I ended up sending them back for a refund. Disappointing since I had such high hopes and took the time to write them up. Oh well – that’s how it goes!


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