Latest Pickup: UNDFTD x Converse One Star OX

It has been a minute since I posted to the site or written about one of my latest pickups. We’ve spent more time on the YouTube channel lately because my daughters love opening up the pairs we get in and I enjoy sharing that time and experience with them. Have had a piece for this site on “culture” that I’ve started and stopped writing multiple times now so hopefully I can push through and get that one wrapped up and posted. For now, let’s take a look at one our latest pickups: the UNDFTD x Converse One Star OX in olive.

Converse is such an iconic brand and yet very rarely do we see them participate in collaborations with other shops and brands (at least compared to most major shoe companies). I was excited to see this pair pop up and really liked the colors chosen for the olive makeup. The rough or hairy suede is actually very soft and consistent on all panels on both shoes and the leather lining along the inside color, heel and tongue adds a nice, rich feel to what is ordinarily a very utilitarian model. Ballistic-type nylon fills each of the cutouts for the stars within the suede of the medial and lateral sides. Each tongue is stamped with the UNDFTD logo, while the heel of the shoes have the name “Undefeated” in raised black print on the same nylon material from the star. A white midsole with single red and blue pinstripes, accented by a red Chuck Taylor tag on the heel, sits around a solid red outsole.

All in all, I really like the shoes. Or maybe I should say I WANT to really like this pair but I have two main complaints. First, I don’t get the shiny painted midsoles. Not only does it seem unnecessary and distracting but the paint job is pretty sloppy on both pairs as you can probably see in some of the pics below. Second, and more important, is the sizing on these shoes. I’m typically a 9.5 or 10 in most sneakers, and I’ve owned enough Converse to know to size down to a 9 for Chuck Taylors. Many people I know and trust commented that they ran big as well so I went with a 9 thinking it would cover me. Was I ever wrong! This size 9 leaves so much room that even thick socks or an extra insole (or both) are not going to help me be able to wear them at all. Originally I had planned to find a pair to try on in person or at least wait until they hit sales (I wrongly assumed) but to my surprise these sold out quickly everywhere they released. My friend Nico has already claimed them so I won’t have to deal with posting and selling, but now I’m not even sure I’ll seek out a smaller size for myself. Sometimes it is just easier to let them go and move on to the next one.

Check out the detailed pics below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.



2 thoughts on “Latest Pickup: UNDFTD x Converse One Star OX

  1. I really like the military inspiration behind this shoe. The distressed suede, ballistic nylon on the one star, and the military green on the upper. I lt’s a good concept with subtle details.


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