Latest Pickup: Hanon x Reebok Club C “Claymore”

It has been a while since my last pickup post. I’ve been working on building up the YouTube channel and in the process have neglected the website somewhat. My goal is to get on a better cadence and post an unopening video and follow some of those up with pickup posts here to provide some good detailed shots along with some more thorough opinions on the shoes themselves. It is always hard to give an immediate opinion on the shoe on camera when first opening the box, although I suppose that could be a great indication of a natural reaction. Anyway, time to move on to this shoe…

The Club C is of course a retro court shoe from Reebok’s long line of releases. After concentrating on the Ventilator, the brand took a break from runners and focused more on the tennis classics in 2016. I picked up several pairs of the Club C this past year, along with the very classic NPC. Hanon kept the trend going in 2017 with their take on this vintage model.

The theme of the shoe is the Claymore sword, which Hanon states in their description translates from Gaelic to “The Great Sword”. While the shoe is mostly made up of grey suede, the subtle details are what set this sneaker apart from the rest. Hanon almost never disappoint with their execution – from story/theme, to design, to materials, and color blocking – and this pair is no exception.

What first caught my attention was how soft and consistent the suede really is. The micro-perf on the toe box contains a really cool detail of a cross pattern rather than the typical round hole. The Reebok name is stamped in a gold foil on the lateral sides of the shoes, while a grey mesh adorns the back portion.

The shoe sits atop an icy blue midsole with contrast grey stitching. A pinkish/peach color sets off the heel tab with gold foil stamped crossed swords and small stripe along the heel itself. The tongue is a very soft leather and supports a shaggy suede tag with a gold stamped crossed sword emblem, Hanon name and familiar Hanon flame. This tag is accented by dark brown “X” pattern stitching on each corner, giving the shoe a medieval feel.

The liner is a silky dark brown material with Celtic knot pattern in mostly gold, accented again by the Hanon flame graphic. The same pattern and sword graphic are presented on the dark brown leather footbed. I’m a detail oriented person so all of these touches equal everything I look for in a shoe.

Four laces are provided: grey, white, dark brown, and a mostly grey set with gold accents. I went with the last set myself. A gold eyelet at the top of each shoe is a finishing touch. Those lucky enough to order directly from Hanon got a special box with the knot pattern and other graphic details printed in gold on all sides, along with a dust bag.

I had to get these on feet the same day I opened them and I was not disappointed. For me, the fit was true to size and I didn’t have to lace them too tight. Club C is not an extra comfortable shoe, but for a retro it does fine for a full day’s wear. The satin lining may cause some slipping but I wouldn’t say it is enough to size down at all.

It is probably pretty obvious by now, but I love this pair. Can’t say it is a pair I will wear every day, but it is definitely one of the best I have seen in a while. For a shoe in the $110 range, you really can’t go wrong with what you get for your money. If this is your style, or if you are looking for something a little different, don’t hesitate to give this shoe a try.

Please note that all of these pics are taken with an iPhone 7 Plus and only have some minor editing for cropping and lighting. Let me know what you think about this release.



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