Retrobok: Collector Feature #8

Back in June I was lucky enough to be asked to converse with Retrobok about all things Reebok. Chris does an incredible job with the site and has provided an incredible resource for a look at the brand many of us love – past, present and future. Below is a small excerpt, but click the link to read the full interview and bookmark Retrobok. As usual I talk and write way too much…

RB: By the way, I also felt we have very similar attitudes; particularly in ‘stepping sideways’ as I say, from the Sneaker mainstream.

SG: I completely agree. As I mentioned previously, I started late into buying sneakers. That’s because I had to work and pay bills, and get married and have kids and help build a business. I didn’t have the disposable income to buy multiple pairs of sneakers. I’ve always been a collector and I even sold a pretty good sized batch of Star Wars collectibles to fund my first few pairs. I started out gravitating to the the stuff I didn’t get as a kid – namely Jordans – but soon found that most were either poor quality or not age appropriate (or both) so I discovered runners. At first I was all over the place and tended to try for the hyped stuff but eventually narrowed my focus and found pairs that appealed to me.

In the end, it is about what I like and what I will wear. It wasn’t until after the Nice Kicks episode that I even posted any pictures of myself. For me the focus is the shoes and not about me and what I’m wearing or being corny so that maybe some brand might send me something for free. I am always honest about any pair I get and post and I wouldn’t feel right not being able to be that way because I feel obligated to some brand.

The funny thing is – or maybe the conundrum – is that we bitch about “hype”. But when you do it you set yourself up for hypocrisy. What if something is hyped but you really like it? Do you not buy it because of the implied hype behind it? At 42 years old, my self image and worth is not determined by how many followers or likes I have or whether a teenager agrees with what I wear.

Read the full article here.


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