You have to start somewhere

Finally. After months of debating and contemplating and procrastinating my blog is live. I always said I would only do this if I could put time and effort into it.

I have no real agenda here. No products to push and no corporate sponsors to appease. I have ideas for where I want this to go but it will always evolve and hopefully improve.

Several people have said I should do YouTube videos. There are plenty of people who do that already and I assume some do it well. Honestly that isn’t my thing and I don’t ever watch reviews.

My love is for the written word so maybe it fits with my old school style. As with Instagram I’m more interested in sharing my thoughts and what I like to wear. Ideally this blog will enable my ability to share more than pics and expand on my brief thoughts and comments on IG.

Here’s what I won’t do. I won’t tell you what to wear or how you should wear your kicks. We won’t talk about what celebrities or entertainers are wearing. Very rarely do I care about what hot releases are coming up this weekend. I won’t push shoes or products on anyone just because someone sent them to me for free.

Instead I want to explore the world of sneakers and our relationship to the shoes and to one another. That’s what interests me and keeps me going. The growth of the sneaker business has brought so many new people into the “culture”. Many old heads have become bored and disillusioned with it all. Old and new heads have joined in for various reasons. Some of us enjoy the shoes and relationships. Others see profit potential and have little to no connection to the sneakers themselves.

Whether we like it or not that’s the state of “the culture” and it continues to evolve. Please take a moment out of your day and let me share my thoughts with you. Not committing to posting everyday but at least once a week. I appreciate all the support on Instagram and have enjoyed meeting so many people in person. Hopefully this blog can become an extension of that.

-Patrick aka “SneakerGrandpa”


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